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 My name is Karyn Kilpatrick-Snell and I am a proud mother of two wonderful children.  They are both intelligent and creative and they just happen to be Dyslexic.  Our story began like a thousand other stories.   My oldest son Logan was in second grade when his teacher requested a conference to discuss reading and spelling issues.  Apparently, Logan was a slow reader and guessed at words.  She went on to explain that his writing and spelling were atrocious ( I already knew that).  By the end of second grade, Logan was well below grade level in reading and failing every spelling test despite hours upon hours of studying at the kitchen table.  As a special education teacher at his elementary school, I was shocked and dismayed.  How could this be?  He is a highly verbal and bright child!  What followed was an odyssey marked by mis-information, guilt as a mother (and teacher), financial hardship, and despair.  

Ultimately, Logan was diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and ADD.  Then my second child, Cooper, was also diagnosed with Dyslexia!  Fortunately we found a wonderful tutor who specialized in an Orton Gillingham based reading program and now both boys are reading above grade level!   As a family we have come to understand what Dyslexia means to us; we look at Dyslexia as a gift and an "Ability" not a Disability.  Through our journey into the world of Dyslexia, I have grown as a mother, a teacher and an advocate.   Our personal experience with Dyslexia has ignited a passion to help others with their journey through the wonderful creative world of Dyslexia. 

Founder- Karyn Kilpatrick-Snell M.A.Ed

Educational Specialist

Dyslexia Consultant

Certified Dyslexia Advocate