Coopalo Learning Center

"Prior to finding Coopalo Learning Center, my sons' self-esteem was greatly affected by his learning challenges.  He was depressed and felling helpless.  Our son is now at grade level for his reading and his test scores have increased dramatically.  He has made so much progress in his skills, but more than anything it is the self confidence that he has developed with his instructor. Not only did she find a way to reach him in his academic areas, but also emotionally. The most amazing part is watching his self-confidence grow as he continues to excel at Coopalo Learning Center. 


​​​​​​​​"Our daughter has struggled with her reading since the end of Kindergarten.  She has gone to tutoring the past three years with little or no improvement.  She kept falling further and further behind. No matter how much tutoring or extra reading she did.

Five months ago she started tutoring with Karyn at the Coopalo Learning Center.  We have seen her reading improve so much that we didn't think it was possible.​

Kayrn is kind, patient and encouraging. Our daughter loves going to tutoring.  She is now excited and happy to read.  Thanks to Karyn and the Coopalo Learning Center our daughter is wide open to her own imagination."


​​​"Coopalo Learning Center has been a gift to my son and his reading and writing confidence. He feels capable, not like he is a problem. He says to me that his instructor is the best part about learning."